TradingPLUS is our highly comfortable fullservice package where you inform us that a car is available for sale. We then handle the entire process from a to z.

p>As soon as the car is available for pick up, we will order a transport and bring the car to one of TradingSolutions inspection facilities. Here the car is cleaned and inspected in a standardized and qualitative way, including both a technical and optical review of the car’s condition. We inspect the car, photograph it and set a market value.

There after we start the auction and give you feedback as soon as the auction ended and report the highest received sales price. When giving your acceptance, we then handle the entire settlement process and logistics, resolve the lease agreement and arrange for re-registration of the car. Simpler and more comfortable, it can hardly be.

TradingPLUS is the sales service you choose when you want the highest convenience and minimal internal work. Via TradingSolutions customer portal you have full transparency and can, among other things, track bidding, download inspection reports and get statistics on earlier sold vehicles.