TradingFLEX is a unique service, where you as a customer undertake to provide us with a vehicle inspection protocol carried out on your car by your car dealer. We there after benchmark the trade-in price you received.

The sales process is simple: you submit the test documents to us, we validate the documentation, add important vehicle information, and then start the internet auction where we benchmark your offer through our very strong and active buyer base.

The advantage of TradingFLEX is, among other things, that you do not need to move the car or have any initial costs before knowing what we can achieve as a sale price of your car. You await our feedback on the highest sales price we have been able to reach. There after you decide on a sale or not. If you accept a sale, we will take care of all handling and settle the car quickly and efficiently, resolve the lease agreement with the leasing company, re-register and handle all logistics.

TradingFLEX is uniquely cost effective and means that you can easily and quickly optimize the selling price – without any risk.