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“One should be able to improve the sales prices of ex-leasing vehicles”

Our journey with TradingSolutions started already back in 2001. The company’s founder, Daniel Harder and Niklas Hallström, had a clear idea: all companies should be able to get better sales prices when selling a company car – at the same time as it should be convenient with no huzzle!

In the shadow of the rise (and fall) of the Internet boom in year 2000, we created the embryo for our remarketing service. The idea of ​​streamlining and enabling more transparency in the sale of used leasing vehicles began. By digitalizing large parts of the entire process, costs and lead times could be cut, while the risk premium for the buyer could be radically reduced by higher quality and more information. Benefits that simply benefit both our buyers and clients!

Over the years, our digital platform has been further developed in close collaboration with our demanding and proactive customers and partners. From the beginning of having handled a car auction, we currently have the market’s most comprehensive platform which can deal with amounts of transactions, different types of leasing products and communicate with all parties involved in the process at the right time.

Over the years, we have built up a unique active, liquid and loyal buyer base. Through this we always get disposal for our vehicles, which, in particular, our total sales of over 170,000 vehicles since the start is a clear proof of. We have successfully sold vehicles to our customers in both the deepest financial crisis as well as under very good market conditions – highly different circumstances which has given us vast experience.

In 2015, we broadened our business offer to include physical vehicle inspections. We offer a full service solution where we inspect and test the car at one of our facilities. Just like when we started in 2001, we had the goal of leading the development even in this area, resulting in a unique inspection process – just as we want it. And it has come to be a success in short time and an important part of our continued success. Today, we inspect more than 8 500 vehicles annually at our facilities with the industry’s shortest lead times.

At the beginning of 2018, we reached another milestone by acquiring a former military air base, Björkvikring, located along the highway (E4) just south of Nyköping. At Björkvikring we now take the next step in our expansion and development by creating one of Sweden’s largest and most effective testing and remarketing facilities. This is a big bet for us, but with an ever growing customer base and several strategic partnerships with, among other things, Sweden’s leading leasing and fleet companies we are strongly convinced that TradingSolutions Remarketing Center will be needed to meet the future demand.

At TradingSolutions, we currently sell leasing and vehicles to hundreds of different clients, such as private companies, state, county councils, municipalities and leasing companies. Volumes increase year by year and we make auction ends at around 55-70 cars every day, Monday to Friday. But we are similar to curious and unconventional as when we started 2001. Nothing is too good for not being able to further develop. And we are constantly analyzing the market to stay ahead of time to give you – our customer – the right advice at the right time.

By constantly challenging ourselves – and questioning the most – we ensure continuous development of our services and functions continuously. With both our clients and buyers in focus.

Welcome to follow TradingSolutions on the continued growth journey!