About TradingSolutions

TradingSolutions is one of the largest companies offering remarketing services in Sweden with the highest growth. Last year, over 12,000 vehicles were sold through our auction systems. Our customers are mainly leasing companies, banks, municipalities and companies with smaller or larger fleets.

TradingSolutions is rapidly expanding and offers a comprehensive remarketing service with auctions five days a week Monday to Friday, vehicle inspection services in several locations in Sweden, a knowledgeable driver support and some of Sweden’s most experienced trading dept. TradingSolutions is happy to offer you a comprehensive fullservice remarketing solution to attractive terms.

We started our business in 2001 as a software supplier of reamarketing- and auction systems for a wide range of leasing companies. In recent years, as many leasing companies have chosen to outsource parts of its remarketing business, TradingSolutions have broadend our services in order to meet customer demand as well as covering more parts of the remarketing process.

TradingSolutions is achiving the highest sales prices and the shortest lead times. This is the secret of our rapid growth. In fact, we are so sure of our offer that we can give you a best price guarantee: can you show that you get a better selling price elsewhere, we will not charge you on commission and will also handle all sales management at no cost to you. Are you ready for a new remarketing experience?

  • Niklas Hallström


    Co-founder of TradingSolutions. Niklas was previously responsible for the set-up and market launch of BMW Group’s fleet company, Alphabet Fleet Services, in Sweden for more than 10 years as the Country Manager. Niklas is back in TradingSolutions since April 2015 as the company’s CEO and sales manager.

    Previous Background: Alphabet Fleet Services, Spray Ventures, MrBid (Tradera), Leaseplan, Saab Deutschland GmbH.

  • Daniel Harder


    Co-founder of TradingSolutions. Daniel has run the company for 15 years and has solid experience in streamlining the remarketing process of most Swedish finance companies. Before that, Daniel was one of the founders of the consumer auction (C2C) MrBid, currently Tradera.

    Previous Background: Arcadelia, Spray Ventures, MrBid (Tradera), MTG Internet

  • Leif Iversen

    Trading Manager

    Leif is one of Sweden’s most experienced person regarding remarketing with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Leif had his last position within the fleet company of Swedbank, AutoPlan, where he was responsible for the remarketing dept during 8 years. During Leif´s time at AutoPlan, the remarketing volumes increased eightfold.

    Previous Background: Swedbank Finans AB, Sparbanken Finans AB, Merkantil Releasing AB