TradingSolutions offers remarketing services for leasing companies and companies with fleets.

Through TradingSolutions, more than 170,000 vehicles have been sold through our auctions so far, worth over SEK 17 billion.

Sell a company car?

TradingSolutions offers a unique sales service where the highest price is achieved. Enter the registration number below and follow the instructions and we’ll help you!

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How do we get Sweden’s most satisfied customers? – Support, simplicity & speed!

We help you throughout the entire sales process. Do you want us to pick up your car at your home, your office or summer cottage? We’ll fix that. We clean your car, evaluate it and take responsibility for all guarantees. We estimate the cost of repairs and clearly report to the next buyer.
– You simply just need to concentrate on your brand new car!

We are the fastest growing provider of remarketing services in Sweden.

Founded in 2001, the company is a pioneer in the industry to offer online vehicles auctions for leasing companies. Since its inception, we have offered and further developed a unique platform for the sale of cars.

Today, TradingSolutions offers leasing companies and larger fleet owners a full-service solution focusing on the highest sales price and shortest lead times. Through our long experience and unique understanding of the process as a whole, we usually succeed in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

  • News 2017.01.07

    TradingSolutions spår begagnatmarknaden under 2017

    Att 2016 bjöd på rekord för nybilsförsäljningen har väl knappast undgått någon. Totalt registrerades 367 920 personbilar i Sverige vilket är den högsta försäljningssiffran någonsin och hela 8% högre än året innan.

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  • News 2017.01.03

    Swedbank (AutoPlan) väljer TradingSolutions för sin fullservicetrading

    Med start den 1 januari 2017 kommer TradingSolutions att överta all hantering av AutoPlans bilförsäljning. Sedan tidigare sköter man auktionsförfarandet och den praktiska avvecklingen av AutoPlankundernas bilar vid leasingperiodens slut.

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  • News 2016.10.21

    TradingSolutions etablerar verksamhet i Göteborg

    Sedan mitten av november månad finns TradingSolutions representerat med en testanläggning i Göteborgsområdet.

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